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Share Wing Inc. operates a temple stay (shukubo) that provides real and online learning and excitement at temples with the mission of "delivering the time and place to adjust the mind and body from Japan to the world." Yoko Tanigaki, the representative of Soreiyu Shokudo GK, is in charge of content development, developing marketing strategies, and human resource development as an executive producer of Share Wimg Inc.

From January 2021 to the present

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New business development

Cloud Hotel (online shukubo)

CLOUD HOTEL is the world's first shukubo where you can stay online. While watching the library video at night , connect with the boy live in the morning. Through the training experience of the temple, you can acquire new habits to adjust your mind and body.

With the Covid-19, more and more people are incorporating Buddhist learning such as Zazen and sutras into their daily lives because they have become accustomed to meditation and yoga, and have a deep sense of security and a desire for the real thing. In addition, the way of traveling is being reviewed, and a mind shift is occurring from a journey that seeks extraordinary life to a journey that makes a positive change in one's daily life. In order to meet the needs of such a society, we have independently developed an accommodation program that allows you to adjust your mind and body online, based on the training that has been passed down historically to the temple.


Publishing Produce

Home training taught by a monk
7-day lesson to adjust your mind and body

Live happily, beautifully and wisely in the With Covid-19 era! We produced the long-awaited workbook-type book of the training experience at the online shukubo . Create a proposal and propose it to the publisher through a known editor. YokoTanigaki  conducted comprehensive production such as setting up a production committee, content planning, design, and writing at the beginning and end.

​press release
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