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​Soleil Shokudo is a company that produces happiness.

Like a cafeteria in a town that makes guests smile with the usual deliciousness

Professional and warm work.
We will take on the challenge of doing business that makes people and society happy and energetic.

Soleil Shokudo Basic Business



Marketing strategy
New business development


​License business


Restaurant management
Preparing slowly


No matter where you travel around the world, there is a restaurant that boasts locals. Just like getting energy from the sun, you will be energized today from heartfelt food, conversations with someone, and the smiles of the staff. I thought it would be great if such a company could be created, so I decided on the name of the company. Then, I put the wish to sow the seeds of happiness in the north, south, east and west and grow together with the help of the sun in the small marks.

(This company name logo & mark was specially drawn by a beloved writer living in Nagano who I met when I was entertaining the Hayao Miyazaki family who came to the hotel in Kumejima for the "Kazenokaerumori" project. Thank you.)

Mission, Vision, Value

Our Mission

Like delicious meal in the cafeteria
with a warm professional job,
produce the happiness of people and society.

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