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Masahiro Yamakawa

Soreiyu Shokudo GK

License department

Account executive


Active in the field of sales and product planning for about 30 years. Liberman Overseas, IWC Swiss luxury watches, Porsche Design luxury bags and accessories are sold. Expand sales mainly in department stores.


Originally interested in the sports industry, he changed his job to Rossignol Japan, the world's largest skier, and was involved in product planning and development of apparel and accessories. cause.


Joined Warner Bros. in 1997. Participate in the licensing business at Consumer Products. Weak apparel, previous job apparel for the purpose of expanding sports, and business partners in the sports industry were incorporated into the licensing business to achieve large sales. Starting with this, he is in charge of managing the main apparel and sports. Expand commercialization and continue to achieve No. 1 sales for many years. By implementing a high-end strategy and developing collaborative products with undercover and other products globally, the impact led to sales expansion at specialty stores, and global fast fashion such as UNIQLO also expanded significantly and continued to leap forward in business. We are strong in product development, planning, and branding sales with licensors that make use of our experience in product planning and development at manufacturers, and we can grasp market trends of manufacturers and retailers, and have strengths in B to B.


In sports, he actively plays golf, skiing, surfing, and basketball. Familiar with experience-based fashion, gear specs, body maintenance, etc. In golf, he is a top amateur, having won the grab champion five times.

In sympathy with the management philosophy, while doing sales work as an account executive in the licensing department at Soreiyu Shokudo GK, he is promoting beauty salon management and infrastructure environment business based on SDGs.


Mount River Co., Ltd.

President and CEO


Sales director

Inquiries about the licensing business

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


​Masahiro Yamakawa
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