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Life is a posture!

​ Posture walking

"Posture walking" is an exercise walking that can be incorporated into everyday life. The founder KIMIKO produces products based on the super method, which has a track record of more than 300,000 lessons for 20 years.



Posture Stylist ®︎
​ Founder of Posture Walking

Posture Stylist®

Representative Director of POSTURE WALKING Association

Member of Japan Walking Society, Lifelong Sports Society, Japan Physical Education Society


Born in Okayama in 1961

As a result of devising walking to overcome the collapse of the body shape after childbirth, we have completed "Posture Walking" aiming at posture improvement, hip up and lower body discoloration. He has given direct guidance to 100,000 people in corporate training, public lessons, lectures, events, etc., and has received gratitude from all over the world. Having a dream of being included in school textbooks, he became a graduate student in 2019 in order to further increase scientific proof in addition to previous research, and is currently studying and researching. Grace generation who does not stop walking with the inscription "Life is Kimaru with posture". He married internationally at the age of 60 and has expanded his base of activities to Los Angeles, USA.

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Bi-tabi 画像2.png

Jointly developed by walking professional KIMIKO and sock professional Sukeno!
Beautiful posture socks are born !!

KIMIKO 22 years of achievements

  • Posture stylists raised by KIMIKO are active all over Japan!

  • Published 15 books and appeared on TV!

  • Seminars are held at companies, schools and hospitals nationwide!

  • Producing many popular products including New Balance shoes!

Posture Stylist ®︎


Posture Stylist® is a “POSTURE WALKING Association certified instructor” who has received the prescribed training. It plays a role in spreading posture walking to the world.

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