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​Yoko Tanigaki   Yoko Tanigaki

Representative, consultant

Soreiyu Shokudo GK

We believe that in any era, we can dig deeper into changes in consumer sentiment and emerging needs, and sow and grow new seeds for the next outlook .

"Soreiyu Shokudo" promises a professional and warm work like a cafeteria in the city that makes guests smile with the usual deliciousness.


In the last few years, in a paradigm shift that the world has never experienced, everyone has begun to reconsider the way of life itself, not to mention the business and way of working to survive.


In my 30-odd years of career, I changed jobs from a small advertising company to a world-class company three times. He has worked as a copywriter, freelancer, marketing manager, and president of 16 hotel operators nationwide. During that time, I have been sincerely dealing with all the people and jobs I met, accurately grasping the market, and always succeeding in the project.


If it is a product, service, or business that makes people and society happy and energetic, we will take on challenges together regardless of industry. For practical and difficult tasks as well as theory, we propose easy-to-understand words and concrete action plans. Also, based on my own experience of working on philosophy management as a new president. I will accompany the "President's work". It will be useful as a mentor by deepening the learning of communication that makes the best use of Zen and mindfulness, which I have been working on for the past 10 years.

Work Experience




  • Started as a copywriter for an advertising production company.

  • Learn the basics of marketing with P & G. Engaged in SK-II promotion, promotion and merchandising to expand market share.

  • Participated in the launch of the DVD business at Warner Bros. Develop the world's first 1-coin DVD and distribute it to convenience stores, dramatically expanding the DVD business.

  • Oversees marketing of global characters such as Harry Potter and Tom and Jerry. Challenge new categories such as events, mook books, UNIQLO apparel, artist collaboration, digital content, etc., and contribute to branding improvement and product expansion.

  • In 2015, he became president of The COURT Co., Ltd. Engaged in profit expansion and branding at an operating company of 16 hotels and 350 employees nationwide. Strengthen marketing to break away from uniform business, and promote value-up that suits location and characteristics. Launched the EN brand and became a hot topic in domestic and foreign media and industry. During his tenure, he devotes himself to human resource development.

  • In 2020, we established "Soreiyu Shokudo GK" to provide services that allow you to use the real taste like a cafeteria in the city. Based on his marketing philosophy of "listening to consumers," he provides consulting services for various industries.

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