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Painter Eisui​

Painter Eiisui "Bodhisattva Drawer"

Born in Gifu prefecture

Received the Gagô of Eisui from Enmyoin Enmyoin, Iitomiyama Honseiji Temple. Lives in Hayakawa Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, the smallest town in Japan at the foot of Mt. Kitadake in the Southern Alps. After dropping out of Joshibi University of Art and Design, studied abroad in NY alone. An artist who works on temple ceiling paintings and holds exhibitions and Buddha's birthdays in Japan and overseas. She is also a mother who struggles to raise four cats, two dogs, and one child. Created a painting with the words of the Buddha who saved herself as a jargon. Propose a life with prayer.

Soreiyu Shokudo GK is entrusted with license contract work from Eisui.


Eisui Profile

Award history

2017  Received the Higashikubemiya Cultural Award

2018  Selected for the ACT Art Award


  Popular Artist Award

  (galerie JOSEPH minimes / Paris, France)

2019  Oki Memorial Artist Grant Fund Entrusted

   Ginza / Kyobashi Sam Hall Open Call Exhibition 2019 Selected

   JARDIN Exhibition Grand Prix Winner

2020  Winner of the Grand Prix at the 25th Japanese Art National Selected Artists Exhibition

2021  Buddha Salon d'Automne prize

​Media exposure

2014  "Koutokuin Seiren Ryu dances on the ceiling" (Takumisha)

2015  Yamanashi Live Tete TV "Special Feature" Eshi Eisui "(YBS Broadcast) Yamanashi Imajin" Like the Flow of Water ~ Eshi Eisui ~ "(UTY Broadcast)

2019  Textbook "Shoho" Spring equinoctial week (Nichiren Sect newspaper)

  Good morning Japan Kanto Koshinetsu "Thoughts of the painter who colors the place of prayer" (NHK)

2021  Nichiren-shu Soho Reiwa 3rd year, cover page

  Many other TVs, newspapers, etc.

​Solo exhibition

1994  I wanna see you (New York)

1995  THE WIND OF THE CITY (Kanagawa)

2011  Eisui Exhibition (Yamanashi / Hayakawa Town)

2014  Eisui Exhibition-From then on- (Yamanashi)

2016  Eisui Exhibition ~ HARU ~ (Gallery Rokusai / Yamanashi)

Eisui Exhibition (Yamanashi Nanbu Municipal Museum of Art / Yamanashi)

2017  Eimizu Exhibition "Self-lighting" (Koshu City Industrial Heritage "Miyakoen" / Yamanashi)

2018  Eisui Exhibition (Minobusan University Library / Yamanashi)

  Eisui * eisui exhibition "I wanna see you" (Gallery Rokusai / Yamanashi)

2019  Eisui Exhibition (Minobuyama Kuonji Treasure Museum Lobby / Yamanashi)

2020  "Prayer" Exhibition (Masato / Tokyo) Eisui Exhibition (Fullerton Hotel Singapore / Singapore) Eisui Exhibition (Southern Municipal Museum of Art / Yamanashi)

2021 Eisui Exhibition "Living with Prayer" (Artist In Residence)  Yamanashi [AIRY] / Yamanashi  Eisui Exhibition "Prayer" (Nanbu Municipal Museum of Art / Yamanashi)

Section Title

Eisui will create a custom-made work by drawing it according to commercialization and promotion. While drawing on the affinity with themes and targets such as Buddha, Buddhist words, women, dragons, and flowers, we will complete one original work in the world. Please feel free to contact us.


Series work "Bodhisattva"

Imagine a bodhisattva living in each of us.

This word is said to be "all sentient beings with Buddha-nature" and "every life is said to have the qualities of becoming a Buddha by nature." We were born with a bodhisattva who strives to become a Buddha, and we thought that the Buddha-nature would be awakened by noticing and raising them. The hand sign represented by each bodhisattva is the same as that represented by the Buddha statue, and indicates what the bodhisattva speaks.

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