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​Human resources development / original training

We will listen in detail to the needs of clients and issues of human resource development, and design the training. As an instructor, we will carry out training both online and in real life.

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The essence of marketing

Employing company
◉ Major entertainment production: Promotion department
◉ Share wing: Sales and planning staff

As seen in Marketing 4.0, the world surrounding marketing is evolving day by day, and corporate personnel are required to master digital tools and SNS as tactics. It is a training to get back to the marketer and face the essence of marketing while being chased by daily execution. Listening to consumers, Who, what, how and how? What is branding? What is a signature story? It covers everything from basics to applications. Then, I devise issues and workshops so that I can see the project as my own and work on marketing work with love and passion.
This training is recommended for mid-level leaders as well as those who are in charge of new marketing operations.
It has been highly evaluated by companies that have already implemented it.


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Acceptance of foreign tourists,

Involved in accessible tourism

Human resources development training

Employing company
Share wing

"Accessible tourism" is an initiative that aims to enable everyone to enjoy traveling while meeting the needs of people with disabilities, the elderly, and other people who face difficulties in travel and communication.

"Accessible tourism" can be thought of by overseas guests in the same way. When traveling abroad, experiencing differences in language and culture is one of the real pleasures of traveling, but the combination of inconveniences also reduces the satisfaction of the trip. Also, while traveling, unexpected troubles such as illness, injury, theft, etc. may occur.

As we welcome all customers, not just overseas guests, it is of utmost importance to be prepared to help you with your safe and secure travel.

By the spring of 2020, accommodations that had been well prepared to acquire inbound tourists would not have been able to maintain human resources education due to this Korona-ka. We recommend that you have another training opportunity in preparation for the approaching corona.

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